They beat me to it!

Sometimes it’s the little favors that can turn a workday into a pleasant one.  Case in point: Earlier today I e-mailed the hosts of Workplace Prof (, a blog primarily for law professors who teach and write about employment and labor law, asking if they would mind my linking to them.  Right away they got back to me with their okay, and then they went and gave a plug to this blog on theirs.  A nice gesture, much appreciated.

Which makes me all the happier to carry through on my recommendation:  If you’re looking for a blog to help you track the latest legal and public policy developments in employment and labor law, Workplace Prof is the place to go.  Hosted by four law professors — Paul Secunda (Marquette U.), Jeff Hirsch (U. Tennessee), Marcia McCormick (Samford U.), and Rick Bales (Northern Kentucky U.) — Workplace Prof provides steady news and commentary on major court and administrative decisions, legislative developments, collective bargaining, and other aspects of employment relations.

You’ll also see lists and abstracts of published and about-to-be-published studies and articles related to the law of the workplace.  Workplace Prof’s links are very helpful as well.

Workplace Prof is not for the casual reader.  Academicians and scholars are its main audience, and many of the posts assume a baseline of legal knowledge.  In addition, Workplace Prof is not a legal helpline.  For workers seeking legal advice on employment matters, the National Employment Lawyers Association ( offers information and online referral assistance.

But for those who want to keep a serious eye on legal developments in employment relations, this is a valuable source of information.

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