Wellness Programs — Where’s the Stress?

When I saw this link to a promising-sounding “10 steps to a healthier employee population in 2009” piece on Boston.com  (http://www.boston.com/jobs/employers/hr/nehra/2008/12/10_steps_to_a_healthier_employ.html),  I hoped that it would say something, anything about stress and health at work.

To my disappointment, it didn’t.  As you can see for yourself, it’s about exercise, healthier eating, and physical fitness.  Important subjects, yes, but workplace wellness initiatives often neglect to address the sources of work-related stress that can lead to unhealthy habits and bad health outcomes.

Could it be that acknowledging work-induced stress would raise thorny questions about management practices, organizational hierarchy, and employee relations?  By contrast, it’s easier to talk about eating right, walking groups, yoga, and meditation (“Ooooom, I hate this job, ooooom”).

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