Creating Good Jobs: Start a Business

Dramatically changing a bad or even mediocre workplace where the institutional culture is deeply rooted can be very difficult or — from any realistic standpoint — nearly impossible.  Don’t get me wrong: It can be done, but oftentimes entrenched, insular core groups make it very difficult to do so.

And with our economy in trouble, companies shutting down, and jobs disappearing, we need new businesses to enter the fray — ones that offer quality goods and services and that respect the dignity and well-being of their workers.

Starting a new business is much, much easier said than done.  However, for those who are thinking about it, there are plenty of helpful sources to guide you.  Here are three good ones:

Uncle Sam: Beyond Bailout Cash

The federal Small Business Administration offers a wealth of information and assistance to individuals planning to start small businesses, including free online courses, business planning and start-up advice, and small business loans and grants.  If you’ve ever even toyed with the idea of starting your own business, the SBA website is worth your visit:

Schooling for Entrepreneurship

Even if you don’t have prior training in running a business, you don’t need an MBA to become an entrepreneur.  A growing number of universities and adult education centers offer non-degree certificate programs and courses in how to start a business.

For example, Boston University School of Management offers a well-regarded online graduate certificate program in entrepreneurship.  It’s a practical-minded, four-course sequence for individuals who have a business idea and want skills to help make it a reality:

Building a Great Place to Work

We don’t need more bad workplaces, so let’s concentrate on creating new great (or even good!) ones.  Helpful towards this objective is the Great Place to Work Institute (, created by one-time business and labor reporter Robert Levering, author of A Great Place to Work (2000 ed.).  Levering’s book and GPWI’s publications can help budding entrepreneurs understand the vital role of healthy, productive work environments towards building successful and sustainable new businesses.

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  1. Entrepreneurship is a six step process. First you have to have existence of the opportunity, discovery of the opportunity decision to pursue that opportunity, resource acquisition, entrepreneurial strategy and also organizing a process. The last three are the major parts In being Resource acquisition is getting help or money to start your business. Entrepreneurial strategy is you business plan and the organizing process is how you will carry out your business plan. This can cause a lot of stress, especially because of how the economy is now. People who own businesses are prone to family conflict problems if that is their only source of income. Since businesses are in trouble now with companies shutting down, this is the time where new businesses need to come in fighting offering respect to their workers and the reliability of their goods and services. There are a lot of government plans that are helping to get business started as well venture capitalists, and their goal is to identify a lucrative opportunity invest their money in it and share in the success of the venture. There are traits that a entrepreneur should have or do when running a business. They should have the desire to succeed which will reflect the business. Positivity, have a positive attitude towards their life. They should always look forward not backwards so that you can imagine and expand your company. Commitment, is putting in the hard work, which is needed, for a business to survive. This shows effort which than creates results and than success. Patience, is another quality of a successful entrepreneur, because not everything will happen at once and knowing that is a key factor. Finally persistence, this is because nothing is ever straight forward or without change. This is because the future is unknown and when situations seem hard in business, if you keep working hard and be persistent desired results will come.

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