E-mail sanity: Do as this says, not as I do

Remember a day, not too long ago, when e-mail was this amazing tool for communicating with people more easily and quickly than ever before?

Well, that’s still true: e-mail is easy and fast.  And it can save time doing certain work tasks, especially anything that requires more than a quick phone conversation with more than one person.  Problem is, it’s so easy and fast that many of us have in-boxes that are overloaded with unsorted, unfiled, undeleted, and even unread e-mails.  For many, e-mail has become a source of anxiety rather than a mode of convenience.

To help us manage the deluge, Farhad Manjoo recently wrote this piece for the New York Times on managing e-mail, and it’s worth printing out: www.nytimes.com/2009/03/05/technology/personaltech/05basics.html.

I hope it’s helpful, but please don’t bother e-mailing me with your reaction.

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