Shout-out to UConn I/O Psychology Program

On Friday I had the great pleasure of spending an afternoon with graduate students and faculty of the University of Connecticut’s excellent Industrial/Organizational Psychology program (, starting with a brown-bag session during which we discussed workplace bullying, and followed by lunch with a group of the students. 

It was an enjoyable and stimulating visit!  The brown-bag discussion covered a lot of interesting ground, and I was delighted to learn about the terrific research and educational work that UConn faculty and students are doing on workplace mistreatment and incivility.  Prof. Vicki Magley, a leader in the emerging field of Occupational Health Psychology, has helped to spearhead these initiatives.

Most of all, I enjoyed talking with the graduate students, a smart, engaged, and friendly group of folks who are knee deep (or beyond!) in developing their own scholarly niches.  Some are researching incivility-related topics.  Others are studying topics such as union-management relations, gender issues, and work-life balance.

Among the student cohort, I’d especially like to thank Leslie Golay, Michael Tuller, and Ben Walsh for their generous hospitality in facilitating my visit.  And by sharing some of their interests during our extended conversations, I learned more about the breadth of graduate research that is occurring within the UConn program, work that I hope someday will shape how scholars and practitioners look at workers and workplaces.

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