“The Masochism Tango” at Work

One of songwriter/humorist Tom Lehrer’s finest contributions to twisted music is “The Masochism Tango”:

I ache for the touch of your lips, dear,
But much more for the touch of your whips, dear.
You can raise welts
Like nobody else,
As we dance to the Masochism Tango…

Alas, it now appears that a recession-induced version of The Masochism Tango is playing out in our workplaces.  The Boston Globe‘s business ticker reports on a study by Kronos, Inc., an organizational consulting firm:

Unnerved by widespread layoffs and the recession, workers are pleading with their bosses to pile on more jobs even though they are already putting major RPMs on the workplace hamster wheel. . . .

The survey . . . found that employees want to work more even as “companies are cracking down on overtime to save on labor costs,” Kronos said in a press release.

In sum:  Driven by fears over job security, already stressed out workers are asking their employers to pile it on so they can prove their loyalty and dedication.  My guess is that many employers are happy to oblige.

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