Designated Punching Bags

John Hollon, posting to the Business of Management blog, writes about managers who become an organization’s “designated punching bag”:

Here’s a managerial role no one really wants to get assigned to—Designated Punching Bag.

You know what I’m talking about: It’s the person on the management team that seems to be the one who always gets handed all the bad stuff, the really horrible assignments, or, is the bearer of bad news. This often means this person is also the one who is forced to take a disproportionate share of verbal abuse—from clients, vendors, the staff and sometimes even from other executives up to and including the CEO.

Full post:

One response

  1. Being a manager is a hard, but rewarding job. So, as long as being the “Designated punching bag” is part of the management process, this thing is not that bad.

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