More on the Employee Free Choice Act

The Employee Free Choice Act, proposed federal legislation that would facilitate unionization and initial collective bargaining agreements for newly-elected unions, continues to be the proverbial political hot potato in Washington and across the nation.

Courtesy of Workplace Prof blog, here’s the latest:

The political machinations surrounding the proposed Employee Free Choice Act keep getting more and more interesting.  Given the amount of news being released from key senators, it looks like EFCA is getting to the legislative front burner.  Steven Greenhouse at the New York Times has one of the more thorough takes on EFCA’s current prospects.  As is no surprise, we’ve hit compromise stage, with proposals for early voting (in the same vein as a related proposal by Benjamin Sachs (Harvard)) or quicker elections recently coming to the fore.

Full post by Prof. Jeff Hirsch, with plenty of links and comments:

About EFCA in general:

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