Workplace bullying program in Boston, June 17


Workplace Bullying:

Current Law, Proposed Legislation, and Practical Strategies in the Interim

Massachusetts Bar Association, Luncheon Roundtable

Wednesday, June 17, 2009, noon to 2:00 p.m.

20 West Street, Boston, MA

In these difficult economic times, workplace bullying is a growing problem.  Although Canada has a law prohibiting workplace bullying, there are no such laws in the United States and few legal remedies to cover the myriad situations that arise.  Professor David Yamada of Suffolk University Law School will present his proposed legislation to remedy this gap, which has been introduced as Senate Bill No. 699 in the 2009-10 session of the Massachusetts Legislature.  MIT Ombudsperson Mary Rowe and Harvard University Ombudsman Lydia Cummings, who are highly experienced in addressing both the theory and reality of workplace bullying, will provide practical approaches to this difficult problem.  This program is free and open to members of the public, as well as members of the MBA.  Handouts will be provided.  Lunch will be provided.

Topics Include:

  • What are the common types of workplace bullying?
  • What potential causes of action exist in Massachusetts and what are the standards?
  • How will proposed legislation address the problem without being overbroad?
  • How can employers avert workplace bullying?
  • What procedures should govern the investigation of workplace bullying?
  • What remedies can be used when workplace bullying is established?


David B. Wilson, Esq., Program Chair, Hirsch, Roberts, Weinstein, LLP

Lydia Cummings, Ombudsman, Harvard University

Mary Rowe, PhD, Ombudsperson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

David C. Yamada, Professor of Law and Director, New Workplace Institute, Suffolk University Law School

Massachusetts Bar Association sponsoring sections/divisions:

Individual Rights and Responsibilities

Labor and Employment


American Arbitration Association

Labor and Employment Relations Association, Boston Chapter

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