Video: Hopefully Sid Citrus is Not Your Boss!

Orange Rebel Productions is producing a very funny online video series, “Sid Citrus: Asshole Boss,” in conjunction with The People Group, a workplace consulting firm led by Kevin Kennemer, a friend of this blog.  Here’s the announcement from Kevin’s blog, Chief People Officer:

Orange Rebel Productions today announced the launch of a new comedy web series, Sid Citrus: Asshole Boss, in partnership with inaugural corporate sponsor, The People Group. “Sid’s goal in life is to be universally acclaimed by his peers as the King of all corporate assholes. Sid Citrus already stands head and shoulders above every other jerk boss out there,” laughs writer-director Fred Emmer. “Or rather I should say, he floats.” Sid Citrus is an orange. A floating, philandering orange to be exact, who wears a tie, including Saturdays. And he’s not very nice.

Sid Citrus on YouTube:

Kevin Kennemer’s post:

One response

  1. Many thanks to David Yamada for helping spread the word about Sid Citrus: A**hole Boss. We are trying to shed light in all the dark corners of corporate America. Jerk Bosses cannot long survive when enough people call them out and make them accountable for their continuous, health-harming treatment of subordinates.

    Thanks to David Yamada and his Minding the Workplace blog for spreading this powerful message of Positive People Practices.

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