The exit interview many employers don’t (want to) hear

This blog post from a Canadian physician is a couple of years old, but it’s a good one about the exit interview many employers don’t hear, or at least don’t want to hear.  In “Why I left the Centre of Excellence,” the doctor explains why he left a large teaching hospital.  Here’s a snippet:

Lack of Respect
There are two types of respect.

The first type of respect is a type you have to earn. I know that I have to earn that respect and I don’t take that as a given.

The second type of respect is the basic respect that everybody is entitled to regardless of their station. I like to think I try to treat everybody with respect. Maybe I haven’t always done that but I always try now.

That second type of respect was totally lacking at the CofE. And for that matter forget about trying to earn the first type of respect.

It was only after working at other hospitals that I learned that I was actually an important member of the team whose input was important.

Of course, many employers don’t bother with exit interviews.  Even those that conduct them may not get truthful responses, especially if the workplace is a dysfunctional one and departing employees fear retaliation or don’t want to burn bridges.  In any event, wouldn’t it be great if organizations conducted exit interviews and actually took the feedback seriously and constructively?

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  1. Oddly enough, I have been thinking about writing a letter to the grad program I quit a few years back just to let them know the systemic problems with the program, the school, and how they treat grad students (both mistreatment and things done well).

    In part, I want them to improve the quality of the education, but I also want to tell them the ways they screwed me over. I am refraining from writing this letter because I am pretty sure they will read the letter and only see the latter while ignoring the former.

    The statement by the physician quoted above rang so very true for me…

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