Video on the International Labour Organization

Here’s a quick little scrapbook-style video, “The ILO and the Quest for Social Justice,” recognizing the 90th anniversary of the International Labour Organisation:

The International Labour Organisation is a transnational agency, with representatives from employers, trade unions, and governments, that has been affiliated with the United Nations since 1946.  The ILO has three primary functions: (1) promulgating labor standards dealing with the health and welfare of workers; (2) providing technical assistance to member nations on employment and industrial relations matters; and (3) conducting research and publishing studies on labor and employment issues.  Most UN members, including the United States, belong to the ILO.

The ILO was one of the first transnational bodies to recognize workplace bullying.  In a 2000 report on violence at work, it observed that workplace bullying is behavior that “by itself may be relatively minor but which cumulatively can become a very serious form of violence.”

For the ILO’s website:–en/index.htm

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