Finding Happiness Amidst the Meltdown

Posting to his Psychology Today blog, leadership consultant and executive coach Ray Williams collects pieces of advice on achieving or maintaining one’s happiness in the midst of the recession.  He begins:

How can we be happy when our investment savings have dwindled, we’ve lost our job, or our house. The recession has had a negative impact on the lives of many people. Is it possible to be or remain happy?

Among the suggestions:

  • “Spend your money on experiences rather than material objects.”
  • “Pursue meaningful life goals.”
  • “Nurture meaningful relationships.”

As I posted last month, money makes a difference, especially during tough times.  All the happy talk or upbeat thinking in the world doesn’t pay the rent or the grocery bill.  But perhaps the recession is compelling us to get beyond material things and look more deeply into what makes for a good life.  Williams’s post offers some good food for thought on that.

One response

  1. Great article! Love all the suggestions – most are part of my core program. I am looking forward to seeing more developments and widespread use of Positive Psychology.

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