Transitions: Starting your own business while still employed

Here’s a more entrepreneurial followup to Monday’s post about being bullied at work and the possibility of leaving a job because of it:

For some bullying targets, and for anyone feeling stymied in a current career path or stuck in an unrewarding job, starting a new business is both a dream and a possibility.  Alexandra Levit, writing for the Wall Street Journal, reports on strategies for creating your own business while still employed, with the goal of eventually breaking free on your own:

People like to fantasize about quitting their jobs one day and starting their own businesses the next. But for most, it doesn’t happen that way. In fact, the average entrepreneur is fully employed while he takes steps to get his venture off the ground.

So, here’s a possible path to something better.  But it’s not an easy one, as many new businesses fail from lack of planning, initial capital, or proper assessment of the marketplace.  It requires risk taking, business savvy (though, fortunately, an MBA isn’t necessary!) and an entrepreneurial spirit.

That said, just as it’s easier to get a new job while you’re still in your old one, it’s easier to plant the seeds for a new business while you’re still employed.

Here’s the full article in the WSJ:

And check out the index to Business Forum Online for articles about start-ups and entrepreneurship:

For an earlier post on starting a business, with some useful links:

A possibly important legal warning:  If you believe you may be bound by a non-competition agreement with your current employer, by all means consult an attorney before embarking on a new entrepreneurial venture.  It could save you time, grief, and money.

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