More on workplace bullying and the recession: WBI Survey

Here are the Workplace Bullying Institute’s Labor Day findings about workplace bullying and the recession, based on an analysis of survey data from self-reported bullying targets:

According to the WBI survey of 422 respondents, the proposition that bullies are being purged by employers during the recession . . . is debunked. Bullies lose their jobs at a rate under 2%, while 44% of bullied targets lose their jobs. Retaliation is the most common consequence for targets. Bullies (still) abuse with impunity.

No surprises here!  This is completely consistent with earlier reports on the frequency of bullying during the recession.  (See links to previous posts, below.)  The idea that workplace bullies would thrive in a strong economy but be shown the door during a bad one makes little sense in view of all that we’ve learned about this destructive behavior.

Here’s the full post on the WBI survey:

To put workplace bullying in a broader social, political, and economic context, here’s a Labor Day podcast from WBI co-founder Dr. Gary Namie:

Our previous posts on this topic:

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