November’s Work, Stress, and Health Conference: A tipping point for workplace bullying research?

One of the best gatherings to learn about the latest research on psychological health in the workplace is the biennial “Work, Stress, and Health” Conference co-sponsored by the American Psychological Association, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and Society for Occupational Health Psychology.  It is an international, multidisciplinary conference featuring the work of practitioners and scholars, and it makes for a rich mix of knowledge and exchange.

This year’s conference, “Global Concerns and Approaches,” will be held on Nov. 5-8 in San Juan, and it is hosted and co-sponsored by the University of Puerto Rico.  The early registration deadline is October 10.

Typically, the WSH conference has featured a couple of panels expressly devoted to workplace bullying, but this year’s program features five panels:

Workplace Bullying in Hospital Settings (Symposium)
Workplace Aggression: Bullying and Aggression in the Workplace (Paper Panel Session)
Case Studies in Workplace Bullying (Symposium)
Workplace Bullying: From Research to Activism (Roundtable Discussion)
Workplace Bullying Issues (Paper Panel Session)

In addition, titles of other panels use terms such as workplace incivility, aggression, harassment, violence, and mistreatment, all of which are likely to be of interesting to those examining workplace bullying.

It’s enough to make me wonder if we’re reaching a saturation level!  But for now I’ll gratefully accept the abundance as sign that we’re reaching a good tipping point in terms of the mainstreaming of workplace bullying as an employment relations concern.

Conference website:

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