Download and use it: The 2007 WBI/Zogby Workplace Bullying Survey Results

During the past few months I’ve been fairly buried in writing obligations, most of which deal in some way with workplace bullying and psychological health in the workplace.  One source I return to time and again, whether to use and cite in an article, or simply for important background information, is the 2007 public opinion survey on workplace bullying conducted by Zogby International pollsters under the guidance of the Workplace Bullying Institute.

This remains the most thorough American public opinion survey of workplace bullying ever conducted, and it provides valuable information for employment relations practitioners and scholars alike.  I’m pasting in some of the key findings:

  • 37% of workers have been bullied: 13% currently and 24% previously
  • Most bullies are bosses (72%)
  • More perpetrators are men (60%) than are women(40%)
  • Most Targets (57%) are women
  • Women bullies target women (71%); men target men (54%)
  • Bullying is 4 times more prevalent than illegal discriminatory harassment
  • 62% of employers ignore the problem
  • 45% of Targets suffer stress-related health problems
  • 40% of bullied individuals never tell their employers
  • Only 3% of bullied people file lawsuits
  • The WBI website includes freely downloadable files of (1) a results flyer; (2) a brochure; and (3) the complete report:  This page also contains links to other studies and resources.  For those doing research on workplace bullying, this is one of your starting places.

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