“Beefeaters” and Bullying: Taking it seriously across the pond

The first woman to serve as a yeoman warder — more popularly known as a “Beefeater” — at the historic Tower London has been subjected to ongoing bullying and harassment on the job.  Sylvia Hui and Gregory Katz filed this story for the Associated Press:

Moira Cameron — a veteran of long military service — was named a warder at the Tower two years ago. Hers was supposed to be a happy story about how a bastion of male supremacy could become a place where women, too, could serve queen and country.

On Monday, embarrassed Tower officials conceded that Cameron had apparently been subjected to a campaign of bullying and harassment conducted by some of her resentful male colleagues. They said two male warders have been suspended and a third is under investigation for suspected harassment of Cameron.

What Ms. Cameron has experienced is inexcusable, but at least in England the term “bullying” is widely recognized in describing abuse at work.  This is one sign of how much work we have to do in the U.S.  Time and again I hear from bullying targets about how validating it is simply to learn there is a term that captures what they have been enduring.  We must continue to put workplace bullying into the mainstream of our discussions about the experience of work.

For the full article, “Tower of London Beefeaters suspended for bullying”: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/eu_britain_beefeater

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