What are the Best Jobs in America?

Money magazine’s November issue features its survey of the Best Jobs in America.  It’s an interesting compilation, and despite the magazine’s title it delves way beyond compensation to identify the most desirable positions.  Here’s a sampling:

Best Jobs according to Money survey

1. Systems Engineer
2. Physician Assistant
3. College Professor
4. Nurse Practitioner
5. IT Project Manager
6. CPA
7. Physical Therapist
8. Network Security Consultant
9. Intelligence Analyst
10. Sales Director

Go here for the full list.

Low Stress Jobs, according to self-reporting (with “best job” ranking in parentheses)

1. Education/Training Consultant (35)
2. Physical Therapist (7)
3. College Professor (3)
4. Software Developer (12)
5. Technical Writer (28)
6. Telecommunications Network Engineer (30)
7. Speech-Language Pathologist (27)
8. Software Architect (not ranked)
9. Occupational Therapist (14)
10. Civil Engineer (not ranked)

Go here for the full list.

Most Benefit to Society, according to self-assessment (with “best job” ranking in parentheses)

1. Physician/General Practice (19)
2. Physician/Obstetrician/Gynecologist (22)
3. Intelligence Analyst (9)
4. Veterinarian (25)
5. Human Resources Manager (20)
6. Clinical Psychologist (23)
7. Physician Assistant (2)
8. Anesthesiologist (11)
9. Nurse Practitioner (4)
10. Speech-Language Pathologist (27)

Go here for the full list.

My Observations

I like the fact that Money‘s survey design takes quality of work issues seriously.  Missing is a separate category for work-life balance, which might be folded into “flexibility,” but I think it merits its own assessment.  I can understand the health care folks rating their jobs high on the social benefit scale, but I had to chuckle that human resources did so as well!  I’d be quicker to put schoolteachers, social workers, pastors/preachers/rabbis/etc., and legal aid lawyers on the list.

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