Shorter papers on workplace bullying, dignity at work, and related topics

I’ve posted some of my short papers that have accompanied various presentations to a site called Academia. There’s a lot of repetition among them in terms of content, especially on talks concerning workplace bullying.  However, some readers may find these papers useful.  Here is what I’ve posted so far:

Imagining the Good Workplace: It Starts with Individual Dignity (New Workplace Institute forum, 2007)

Potential Legal Protections and Liabilities for Workplace Bullying (New Workplace Institute publication, 2007)

Multidisciplinary Responses to Workplace Bullying: Systems, Synergy, and Sweat (International Conference on Workplace Bullying, 2008)

Workplace Bullying and Employment Law (Massachusetts Bar Association, 2009; emphasizes Massachusetts law)

Necessary Remedy: Injecting Therapeutic Jurisprudence into American Employment Law (Congress of the International Academy of Law and Mental Health, 2009)

Is There a “Business Case” for Workplace Bullying Legislation? (Work, Stress, and Health Conference, 2009)

The Role of Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining in Combating Workplace Bullying (Work, Stress, and Health Conference, 2009)

For freely downloadable copies of these papers, go to:

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