Minding the Workplace turns one

This week marks the first birthday of Minding the Workplace, and I’d like to thank all of you who have discovered this blog and become readers.  Also, many thanks to those of you who have posted such thoughtful comments and questions in response to posts.

Several readership patterns have become evident during the year:

First, posts about workplace bullying are by far the most visited.  That shouldn’t be surprising, and hopefully those posts have been informative and useful to readers.

Second, posts about psychological health at work, management practices, business ethics, and similar topics attract a fair amount of interest.  Given the close connection of workplace bullying to these broader topics, that makes sense too.

Third, despite the sour state of our economy, posts about unemployment, the labor market, and jobs have been among the least popular.  I’m guessing that people in search of commentary on those topics rely on plenty of other, more established online sites.

The blog’s readership has grown steadily, with a modest growth spurt occurring in the fall.  Weekly “hits” averaged around 600-800 through August, and then jumped to around 900-1000+ since then.  Because of the topical content, the kind of writing, and the technological frumpiness of the blog, I don’t expect to enjoy overnight surges in popularity.  However, I hope that readership will continue to increase.

Content-wise, you can expect more of the same.  In addition, I will be adding more bells & whistles during the coming year.  I’m even taking some blogging classes to learn about how to snaz up the blog and make it more visually appealing.

Again, thanks for being among the first readers of the blog.  I really appreciate it.

One response

  1. David, a belated happy birthday to you and this outstanding blog. I’ve learned a great deal from your posts. This is a great resource for anyone who cares about creating healthier workplaces. Here’s to many more!

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