Philadelphia Eagles players reward cruelty by honoring Michael Vick

Each year, players on National Football League teams select a teammate to receive the Ed Block Courage Award for professionalism, commitment, and dedication to community.  This year, players on the Philadelphia Eagles selected Michael Vick, vicious abuser of innocent animals, as their award recipient.

In case you missed the bigger story, Michael Vick was suspended by the NFL for engaging in dogfighting activities and killing those dogs who were no longer useful.  He also did prison time for his crimes.  He was reinstated this season and signed with the Eagles.

Yahoo! sports blogger Chris Chase comments:

Today, the Eagles announced that Michael Vick was the 2009 winner of the Ed Block Courage Award, an honor given to a player who shows courage in the face of adversity. Vick’s teammates voted for the award, thus demonstrating how tone-deaf and out-of-touch NFL players are with reality.

According to Philadelphia Eagles players, the most courageous man on the team in 2009 was one who started the year serving time in prison for an act of extreme cowardice.

Those who have paid their debt to society should have options to reenter the workforce, and Vick was entitled to resume his football career after being released from prison and reinstated by the NFL.  However, it is a shameful sign of how upside down things can be in the culture of contemporary professional sports that his comeback season has been elevated to a symbol of moral courage by his teammates.

Chase’s blog post:,210601

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