A story of bullying and recovery

Last week, registered nurse Cheryl Ward guest blogged for the Workplace Bullying Institute about her story of bullying in the field of pharmaceutical sales and her eventual recovery.  Her account is definitely worth a read:

I was making great money, loved my job and my customers, the retirement plans, and the company car. All this experience yet nothing prepared me for the unexpected environment I entered into at age 48.

…I didn’t know it was workplace bullying until I saw Dr. Gary Namie on Good Morning America in 2004. By then I was in so deep…my health had suffered while I tried to keep working in the dog eat dog world of pharmaceutical sales. Having been a nurse and respiratory therapist for nine years had taught me strong work ethics and giving 110% in all situations as my work could mean the difference between life and death.

Sales is another field where bullying appears to be prevalent.  This was first brought to my attention several years ago, when one of my students talked to me about his experiences as a salesman working on commission.  The built-in competitiveness of this vocation can set workers against one another as a matter of course.  It’s a distressing example of how job requirements and compensation systems are structured to encourage worker aggression.

For Cheryl Ward’s full post:  http://www.workplacebullying.org/2010/01/07/life-beyond-guest/#more-2026

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