Have you ever been part of an effective team?

I usually don’t post research requests on this blog, but this one I offered to post because I find the underlying project so interesting and important.  A dear friend in California, Deborah Pruitt, is an organizational consultant and educator who is doing research on what makes for effective teams.  She’s looking for personal stories, and perhaps you, dear reader, may have one!

Here’s her full request:

Hello Friends and Colleagues,

I would like to hear about your experiences of highly successful teams to assist my research on what makes groups powerful.

Are you part of a team or group that makes you feel proud and fulfilled? Or can you remember a time when you were?  Or it might be that even in a group that you don’t think is unusually successful or uplifting there has been a moment or a particular project that was exceptional. 

It could be a work related group but doesn’t have to be – it might have been a volunteer group, a neighborhood association, a sports team, or a music group…any group that has a common purpose.

What two or three specific behaviors did you observe that make it a great team?  

This does not have to be a long story – even a few phrases or sentences are great – though longer stories are appreciated too.

All stories are strictly confidential.

Let me know if you would like to learn about the results of this research and the book I am writing. May I contact you for follow-up questions?

A minute to share your story means that you can contribute to helping others create powerful teams.  I am deeply grateful.

Please respond directly to Deborah at dpruitt@groupalchemy.net. 

Deborah holds Ph.D. in Anthropology and is a principal of Group Alchemy Consulting: www.groupalchemy.net

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