Following up on the University of Alabama-Huntsville shootings


Because many readers of this blog do not work in academic settings, I will limit how much more I write about the February 12 shootings at the University of Alabama-Huntsville that left three people dead and three others injured.  However, for those who want to follow the latest news and commentary about the tragedy, these sources may be useful:

Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education, academe’s unofficial weekly newspaper, is devoting extensive coverage to this event. Go here for the link.

Boston Globe

Because so much of suspect Amy Bishop’s life was spent in Massachusetts, Boston Globe reporters have been investigating pieces of her past that may relate to the UAH shootings. Go here for the link.

Response to Blog Entry

I am gratified that my earlier blog entry calling upon colleges and universities to take faculty mental health more seriously has attracted attention in discussions about how we regard the UAH tragedy.  Excerpts from that entry and my subsequent interview comments can be accessed here:

Chronicle roundup of commentary on UAH

Chronicle article by Jennifer Ruark about mental health issues in academe

Boston Globe article by Tracy Jan about the personal impact of tenure processes

My original blog entry

I appreciated that both Jennifer Ruark and Tracy Jan took balanced, non-sensationalistic approaches to examining the aftermath of UAH and its relevance to academic culture and tenure processes.  Alas, not all reportage and commentary have been so evenhanded.


If you are a member of the UAH community who has found this entry, please accept my deep sympathy and best wishes toward your recovery from this trauma.  I cannot pretend to know what you are experiencing, but I do understand that this tragedy touches everyone in academe and should serve as cause for serious reflection.


[June 2010 update: Amy Bishop has been charged with the 1986 shooting death of her brother.]

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