Global news about workplace bullying and the law — Feb 2010

As we in the U.S. continue to advocate for (or at least deliberate over) the Healthy Workplace Bill, other nations continue to demonstrate a much greater willingness to hear bullying-related claims brought by workers.  Here is a sampler of recent news reports:

Four fined for bullying after employee suicide in Australia

Four workmates of a young waitress who killed herself by jumping off a building have been convicted and fined a total of $335,000 over relentless bullying before her death.

Brodie Rae Constance Panlock, 19, was subjected to the humiliating bullying by workmates at Cafe Vamp in Hawthorn, in Melbourne’s east, before she threw herself from a multi-storey car park in September 2006.


Bullying on the Rise in the United Kingdom

The recession has seen a big increase in bullying at work, the Guardian has learned. One in 10 employees experience workplace bullying and harassment, according to the conciliation service Acas, while a survey by the union Unison reports that more than one-third of workers said they were bullied in the past six months, double the number a decade ago.

…Employment lawyers say allegations of bullying have become a frequent feature of claims for unfair dismissal and discrimination.


Workplace bullying trial begins in Germany

Sedika Weingaertner, who is suing her former employer Siemens for 2 million euros ($2.82 million), headed to court in the German town of Nuernberg on Wednesday. Weingaertner claims she was bullied for years by her bosses and discriminated against for being a woman and an Arab. 


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