Is Britain’s Prime Minister a Workplace Bully?

Multiple news stories from across the pond are asking whether Great Britain’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is a workplace bully. Here’s Catherine Mayer, reporting from London:

Britain’s Prime Minister emerges in three new books – by Peter Watt, a former general secretary of the Labour Party, Lance Price, a former Downing Street adviser, and Andrew Rawnsley, a political journalist – as a man of volcanic rages, prone to lobbing mobile phones and choice epithets if provoked.

Of course, with elections on the horizon in Britain, there are countercharges of political motivations behind these revelations. That said, my sense is there’s some substance behind the allegations.

Perhaps my own prejudices are fueled by a recent post reporting on a study about the effects of concentrated power:

Big Tent

It bears emphasizing that bullying behaviors in political work settings are not the province of any political party. Gordon Brown happens to be of the left-leaning Labour Party.  One of my poster bosses for political bullying in the U.S. is former U.N. ambassador John Bolton, a Republican appointee, whose repeated tirades were well documented. In politics, bullying bosses gather under a big tent.

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