Paper highlighting main features of the Healthy Workplace Bill

For those who would like a relatively succinct explanation of the main features of the Healthy Workplace Bill, I’ve provided a link below to a short paper that I put together for a conference this weekend on bullying and mobbing at work organized by the University of Augsburg (Germany), Faculty of Law, where I’ll be headed to later today.

The paper is based on the latest version of the bill that was filed for the 2009-10 session of the Massachusetts legislature.  If you’ve been following closely the fortunes of the Healthy Workplace Bill, it won’t offer anything new.  But it may be helpful to others who would like a brief summary.

Workplace bullying spotlighted on “The Takeaway”

And by the way, the expanding public awareness of workplace bullying was evident yesterday on “The Takeaway,” a popular radio talk show co-hosted by John Hockenberry and Celeste Headlee.  In a feature segment devoted to workplace bullying, Headlee reported that they received an  “unbelievable number of stories” about bullying at work in response to their request for personal accounts.

The segment included comments on the lack of legal protections for bullying targets.  The accompanying website story notes the growing number of states that have introduced the Healthy Workplace Bill.


Link to paper presented at Augsburg conference

Link to The Takeaway segment on workplace bullying

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