Accused workplace bullies suffer, study shows

Australian psychologist and Ph.D. candidate Moira Jenkins has studied bosses accused of workplace bullying and found that they “suffer severe health effects including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and suicidal thoughts,” as summarized in a recent news report by Lauren Novak for the Adelaide Advertiser.

Novak further reported:

Jenkins…interviewed 30 managers accused of bullying, “breaking the long tradition of listening to only the victims’ point of view” and finding there are long-term health and career consequences – whether guilty or not.

“There was significant anxiety and depression among them,” Ms Jenkins said.

“Some of them had talked about post-traumatic stress disorder, some had contemplated suicide.

“There were considerable mental-health issues.”

This study helps to fill a significant void in the workplace bullying literature, and it raises a ton of important questions.  At bottom, it underscores the importance of preventive measures.  I have frequently remarked that bullying is a “lose-lose” proposition, in that bullying targets and employers often pay a price.  Jenkins’s work indicates there can be a third loser, the accused aggressor.

Jenkins will present her findings at the 7th International Conference on Workplace Bullying & Harassment, to be held in Cardiff, Wales, from June 2-4, and hosted by the University of Glamorgan.  I’m sure her work will yield plenty of engaged responses.


Article about Jenkins’s study

Cardiff Conference website

2 responses

  1. that’s rich the bullies are stressed with PTSD…what about their victims…bullies deserve 10 times what they perpetrated on their victims..I have zero empathy for bullies.

  2. I totally agree with been bullied been there got the t-shirt and damaged for life thanks to a group of sociopaths when you go up the chain of command you get victimized again they are as bad as the bullies and hospitals try to cover it up. Wake up people hospitals can be hostile places. Chances are the nurses fall into two categories the bullies and the victims of bullies

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