Alaska nurse blogs about workplace bullying experience

Alaska nurse Celia Harrison recently posted a long blog entry about her struggles with PTSD as a result of bullying at work:

I have tests I need to have done, yet can’t bring myself to go to the hospital to do them. I canceled one that was scheduled. My PTSD is triggered when I even think about going to a hospital in a rural area of this state that is known for workplace bullying. I can’t sleep before going for a test which normally would be a nothing event. It is knowing the hell some of the employees are going through that triggers the memories of what I went through.

Sadly typical

Harrison’s post is a form of raw testimony from someone who is still fighting through the demons of being abused at work.  It’s a long, and at times rambling discourse, sadly typical of the narratives that targets often write to describe their experiences.  Those who are unfamiliar with what workplace bullying can do to a person may find her story incredulous, but to those of us who have been studying this phenomenon, it carries a ring of truth.

As support for her own story, Harrison also reproduces a detailed Juneau Empire article about workplace bullying in healthcare.

Bullying in healthcare

Bullying in the healthcare professions has been a frequent topic for this blog.  Among the “most viewed” posts are those in a 4-part series on bullying in healthcare, including this one specifically on nurses.  Harrison’s story adds more evidence to the case for addressing these abusive behaviors effectively.

Hat tip to Michelle Smith, California Healthy Workplace Advocates

One response

  1. I am amazed that anyone considers what Harrison experiences to be restricted to workplace bullying. If it happens in a hospital or medical facility in Alaska one can expect bullying more often than not. That is why she has flashbacks, nightmares, and has to steel herself just at the thought of going in for a test. This too, is normal not just for those who work in the health care field( who would know it’s reality better than those who see it daily?) but for all patients. Alaska’s own SART (Sexual Assault Response Teams) do not provide choice of gender for S/A victims presenting with need for “backdoor” repairs, you know, the kind all males rape victims have to deal with. Likewise, who knows better than female health care providers in Alaska that there is statewide collusion to maintain and promote its 100% males only field of Gastroenterology. Alaska State’s own Alaska Medicaid Recipient Services handbook condemns all Adult Public Assistance recipients to being both severely long term mentally ill AND (emphasis mine) physically disabled even though no such thing is true. But it sure gives a free pass to every unethical Psychologist in the state of have at any public assistance recipient. And they go much further than that. On behalf of the State of Alaska Attorney James Gottstein is sueing a whole assortment of makers of psychotropic medications (because Alaska can’t be bothered to do it themselves) for all the harm their medications have done to Alaska State’s foster care kids. The laws allow it there that a private attorney may do so if it will end up funding the State. so, Mr. Gottstein does, because someone has to stand up for all the harm being done to Medicaid recipients there, at least he’s trying to defend and protect the most vulnerable. The least guilty of all Alaska’s inhabitants, unless you consider the eldery more worthy. Oh yeah, the last federal audit of nursing homes in Alaska found abuse (not just neglect) in 100% of homes inspected. That’s 100% folks. I am sure this comment section would not allow me listing all the crimes against humanity the Stat4e of Alaska just let’s run wide within the medical community. And who would know that better than a nurse? But the vics are not just nurses. Get real, this is real life for all Alaskans!

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