Attleboro Sun Chronicle links school and workplace bullying

Here’s more evidence that we’re connecting the dots between different forms of bullying and abuse in our society:  The Sun Chronicle of Attleboro, Mass. ran an editorial, “Standing up to bullies at last,” that praised the new Massachusetts school bullying law and linked school and workplace abuse, citing survey data from the Workplace Bullying Institute:

“It’s incredibly upsetting to me that the adults don’t seem to have acted like adults,” the governor said last month, in criticizing South Hadley school officials. But, should we be surprised? After all, workplace bullying is also rife. Hallmarks are rumors and ridicule that damage a worker’s stature, purposeful isolation, chronic snubbing and acts of disdain.

The Workplace Bullying Institute, a nonprofit educational organization, provides research showing victims can suffer panic attacks and depression, and once targeted, there’s a 64 percent chance of losing their job for no apparent reason. Most workplace bullies are bosses, WBI reports, and bullying could not exist without the explicit or tacit approval from employers.


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One response

  1. There are few things worse for a kid than being bullied in school… not only by pears, but at times by teachers or other school officials.

    I’m so happy to see laws starting to pop up in different states to address this issue. I hope this will spread nationwide and bullies will have to think twice before they give in to their sick behavioral tendencies.

    Of course, we must educate the kids and parents on what bullying is, as sometimes some kids dont’ even realize that that they are bullies, nor do often their parents know about it…

    As more and more of us are out there doing something about this issue, I believe it WILL get better with time. The key is that schools provide “stop bullying” type education and encourage the whole school to report bullies and protect the bullied…

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