Riggio on the cardinal virtues and sins of leaders

I’m a fan of Ronald Riggio’s Cutting-Edge Leadership blog at Psychology Today, and here are two posts on the virtues and sins of leaders worth highlighting:


In a 2009 post he identified the four virtues of a true leader:

  • courage
  • prudence
  • temperance
  • justice


Last month he discussed the four cardinal sins of bad leaders:

  • lying
  • bullying
  • cronyism
  • neglect

I’m pleased to see that Ron recognizes the harm wrought by workplace bullying to the point where he includes it on his list.  It’s another sign of how bullying is entering the mainstream of our employment relations dialogue.

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The lists are not exactly symmetrical, but taken together they make imminent sense.  Ron has a lot more to say than my bullet point summary provides, so I’d suggest taking a closer look if you have a few minutes.

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