Workplace Bullying and the Law, 2000-2010: A Global Assessment

A decade ago, efforts to enact legal protections against workplace bullying were in their infancy.  Only Sweden, with its 1993 Victimization at Work ordinance, had in place a specific statutory measure designed to respond to psychologically abusive treatment on the job.

A lot has changed since then.  National and state/provincial governments in Australia, Canada, and France are among those that have enacted workplace bullying laws.  Courts in the United Kingdom have applied its general harassment statute to workplace bullying.  And in the United States, we are getting closer and closer to seeing the Healthy Workplace Bill become law in various states.

Keynote presentation at Cardiff conference

At the 7th International Conference on Bullying and Harassment at Work in Cardiff, Wales this week (June 2-4), I will presenting a keynote address that takes us through a snapshot tour of these developments.  For readers of this blog, I have posted the Powerpoint slides I will be showing as part of my presentation.

The presentation is based largely on a forthcoming book chapter, David C. Yamada, Workplace Bullying and the Law: Emerging Global Responses, in Stale Einarsen & Helge Hoel, eds., Workplace Bullying: Developments in Theory, Research and Practice (London: Taylor & Francis, forthcoming 2010).

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