Website of the Week: Dignity At Work Now (DAWN)

At last week’s Cardiff workplace bullying conference, I enjoyed two presentations by and several conversations with David Hinton, chairperson of a British non-profit organization, Dignity At Work Now (DAWN), established in 2002 to combat workplace bullying.

Support group

DAWN’s support group invites those who:

  • need help and would like to share a problem
  • want the opportunity ‘to get things off your chest’
  • or simply want a chat in a friendly environment with people who understand what it is like to be bullied

Campaign work

Its campaign work seeks to:

  • identify, eradicate and raise awareness of issues associated with workplace bullying
  • promote dignity at work through good practice
  • and secure the introduction of legislation designed to prevent workplace bullying and its damaging consequ

David Hinton’s presentation

David’s presentation titled “One Law for the Rich” included a sharp critique of the legal profession, Britain’s employment tribunal system, and what he termed the employment law industry.  Although some of my legal colleagues were taken aback by his remarks, I found them to be a refreshing reminder of how non-lawyers may regard the legal side of the world of employment relations — and too often with good reason.

Check it out!

Check out DAWN’s website for interesting information, some free downloads, and a clearer sense of how folks across the pond are responding to workplace bullying through grassroots activism.

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