Americans for Democratic Action adopts resolution supporting the Healthy Workplace Bill

I am pleased to report that at its biennial convention in Washington, D.C., Americans for Democratic Action, about whose commitment to workers’ rights I wrote in my previous post, adopted a resolution I submitted supporting enactment of the Healthy Workplace Bill, as well as calling upon federal and state workplace safety agencies to promulgate regulations that cover workplace bullying.

Following a thorough preamble that explains workplace bullying and its costs (drawn largely from my previous writings on the topic), the resolution (available here) states:

1.         Americans for Democratic Action supports the enactment of the Healthy Workplace Bill in the states.

2.         Americans for Democratic Action supports the enactment of the Healthy Workplace Bill for federal employees.

3.         Americans for Democratic Action calls upon federal and state occupational safety and health agencies to promulgate regulations to address workplace bullying and psychological harassment.

ADA joins a growing number of national, state, and local organizations supporting the Healthy Workplace Bill, including the national NAACP and a host of union locals.


Disclosure note: I am the author of the Healthy Workplace Bill, variations of which are being considered by state legislatures across the country. The HWB provides targets of severe workplace bullying with a legal claim for damages and creates legal incentives for employers to act preventively and responsively toward bullying behaviors. For more information, go to the Healthy Workplace Bill website.

5 responses

  1. Good God this is great news it’s been a long time overdue.Dumped 9 years of state service because I could no longer tolerate the daily beatings.Please get this one passed and enforced so nobody ever has to go through this again.

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