Bullied into a passion for great workplaces

Chief People Officer Kevin Kennemer shares what inspired him to start his consulting business, The People Group:

My motivation came from working for a demeaning, nasty, certifiable jerk who only cared about himself.  He could be a relatively nice guy one day, but then the next day he was downright mean, bordering on devilish. . . . Fear and intimidation were among the limited management skills in his tool chest.  You could make him steaming mad with the most insignificant actions.   Then the two-headed snake would isolate you from all communication and then berate you in public for not knowing what was going on.   He would also yell at you in front of others. It was a living hell.

In short, he suffered under the brutality of a classic workplace bully.

If you’re struggling to recover from your own bullying experience at work, read Kevin’s entire post for instructive inspiration.

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