MSNBC interview on the Healthy Workplace Bill

This afternoon I was interviewed by MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer on the Healthy Workplace Bill, anti-bullying legislation I wrote that was passed by the New York State Senate this spring.

The interview ran live.  I haven’t seen it myself, but here’s a link.  The experience did remind me of how little time there is to communicate the complexities of something like workplace bullying in a segment that lasts but a few minutes.

That frustration aside, in terms of media coverage, this has been quite a week for the movement to enact the Healthy Workplace Bill. First Parade and Time magazines, now MSNBC!

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  1. i viewed the interview here:

    but could not find the url to send to you.

    it is interesting to me that Contessa said folks might just need to grow up.

    Contessa has some rather famous dust ups with Don Imus – it negatively affected her career and opportunities to be on air–and much of that was not rectified until Imus had his Rutgers incident– as a frequent viewer I felt the failure of NBC to address what happened to Contessa, and a few other female colleagues, was not something to just “grow up” over — the law is supposed to offer protections– and I find it even more disheartening that she views this all just as business as usual.

  2. Cloudminder, thanks for the comments and info. I’ve dealt with mainly print journalists since becoming identified with this work, and most have been quite understanding of what this is all about. But yes, I could tell that Contessa Brewer was somewhat skeptical of the whole topic, and I quickly realized that my goal was to stick to a few basics while trying to remain evenhanded about her ‘tude.

  3. Hi, David –

    Just posted the interview on Twitter. Thank you for being such a great spokesperson for healthy workplace legislation.

    Debra Healy
    Healy Conflict Management Services

  4. Excellent interview, even those short minutes are an achievement for many of us who advocate against workplace bullying. Unfortunately, many do not see this as a problem either because they’re too indifferent to the plight of others or perhaps they’re even perpetrators of such. Here’s an article on workplace bullying and how it can be considered against the law:

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