Travelers policyholders and agents say “yes” to workplace bullying laws

Another sign that workplace bullying legislation is gaining wider public support comes from an unlikely source: A survey conducted by Risk Management PLUS+ Online, a newsletter by Travelers Bond & Financial Products for their policyholders and agents.

When surveyed on the question, “Do You Believe Laws Are Necessary to Protect Employees from Workplace Bullying?,” their readers answered:

  • Yes (52%)
  • No (39%)
  • Don’t Know (7%)

For the full article, go here.

The ground is shifting

Clearly this is not a readership one would predict to be so strongly in favor of workplace bullying laws.  After all, these are people who deal with liability and insurance coverage, the very business matters that may be implicated if employers and individuals face direct liability for severe workplace bullying, as the Healthy Workplace Bill directs.

Indeed, when the Healthy Workplace Bill becomes law, employment practices liability policies would have to be amended to cover workplace bullying situations, and employers would have a legal incentive to undertake preventive and responsive measures to minimize liability risks.

Surely readers of this newsletter would be aware of these implications, yet they strongly supported legal protections against workplace bullying.  Change is definitely in the air…


Hat tip: Carrie Clark, California Healthy Workplace Advocates

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