Facebook pages on workplace bullying

Facebook has become a useful networking and information site for those interested in workplace bullying and advocacy for workplace bullying laws.  Here are Facebook links to some of the most popular pages specifically related to workplace bullying:

Workplace Bullying Institute — This page is hosted by the leading North American information and education center on workplace bullying.

Healthy Workplace Bill Legislative Campaign — This page is for the national legislative campaign to enact the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill.

In addition, there are separately hosted pages for the following state campaigns: ArizonaConnecticut, Illinois, MassachusettsMinnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, Wisconsin

International Educational Coalition on Workplace Bullying  — This page regularly posts news items, links, and topics for discussion.

Stop Workplace Bullies Now! — A page dedicated to public education about workplace bullying.

Beyond Workplace Bullying Australia — From friends down under, where attention to workplace bullying is strong and growing.

Workplace Bullying in Higher Education — This initiative comes out of the United Kingdom and is linked to a blog that has been covering bullying in higher ed for several years.

This list does not include many other FB groups whose interests include workplace bullying, as well as pages that appear to be inactive or have yet to attract a larger following.

4 responses

  1. Thank you for the mention David! We are going to bring this fight to the forefront to do everything possible to stop workplace bullies! “Work shouldn’t hurt!”

  2. Thanks David for mentioning Workplace Bullying Australia David. Although we have Australia in the title of our group, we welcome voices from all over the world. If anyone has any links to post, experiences or ideas to share, please feel free to join us.

  3. Thank you for the resources David. I cannot be overstated how important it is for leaders to create work environments that help people grow rather than cower in fear. I’ve found that bullying can be reduced when we examine the underlying thoughts and behaviors and help people find positive alternatives that help all parties function more happily and safely in the workplace.

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