From Australia, via Facebook: The raw impact of workplace bullying

Beyond Workplace Bullying Australia is one of the many Facebook (FB) pages that have formed in response to workplace bullying (more links here). A few days ago, I began noticing a series of short, wise, and plaintive posts from that page, obviously written by one person.

The honesty, emotional intelligence, and pain expressed in these posts struck me as a form of raw testimony about the destructiveness of workplace bullying and just how much work remains to address it. Dianne Wilkinson, the FB page administrator who wrote these posts, gave me permission to share them with you and to identify her as the author, which I am privileged to do:

So, I am now cut loose, with a serious PTSD, anxiety/depression psychological illness,the urgent treatment and support of which, without a job, I must try to fund myself and the trauma of the entire process will continue to burn and sear at my psyche for the rest of my life. How is that just???????


If my allegations were serious enough, why were my abusers, the perpetrators not equally required to undergo some psychological examination to support their claims at the preposterousness of my claims???


I gave my life to them for 25 years, my loyalty, dedication, honesty, integrity and my devotion. When I threatened to go public on extremely serious misconducts and abuses – emotional, psychological and sexual. They crushed me like an ant with the worst systematic, concentrated campaign of mind and soul destroying abuse that I had a complete breakdown.


I am one of the lucky ones, I did get a 30% impairment diagnosis with full culpability directed at my employers (former) I will be paid to retirement (albeit at a fraction of my former salary, but it is something as I have no capacity to ever take a productive role in the workplace) and my psychologists, psychiatrists, medical and pharmaceutical (funny pills) support will be paid for the rest of my life.


We all need to tell our stories. Not just my endless rantings. When we keep the silence, we empower our tormentors. Governments can deny there’s a problem & if you do not tell your stories there is no evidence of a problem – end of story. A great deal of pain is suffered and abusers will continue to brutalise, governments will continue to ignore as long as you keep the silence.


For many of us, ‘beyond workplace bullying’ is merely the next phase of the agony we have endured. With our defences down and our immune systems utterly compromised we will continue to deteriorate along a predetermined path of continued suffering.


The absence of justice and sense of [c]omplete abandonment by the system remains ever a gnawing antagonism as our entire belief systems have been shattered and there is no compensation for being a good person. I speak of “we” because our stories are so alike and our abuses so textbook. It is we who must force these changes with our testimonies of cruel, inhuman abuses.

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