Let’s focus on the “largeness of our lives”

Tara Lohan, in a piece for Alternet (link here) searches for a silver lining in the wreckage of the economic meltdown and envisions a society where less is more:

As we pick up the pieces of our shattered economy, perhaps we can rebuild with a more enlightened idea of how much is enough and a more holistic view of wealth — one that does not merely reflect the size of our homes, but instead the largeness of our lives.

Lohan quotes E.F. Schumacher, humanistic economist and author of Small is Beautiful (1973), in envisioning an America less caught up with work, material goods, and McMansions: “The less toil there is, the more time and strength is left for artistic creativity.”

Yes, we need more jobs to get people back to work and help them rebuild their battered finances. But we also should turn this into an opportunity to think about what kind of recovery we want. The Great Recession was fueled by decades of over-extended credit and consumer excess. Let’s not make the same mistakes. We have a chance to think about and create better ways to work and live.


Barring important news developments, I’ll be devoting the remainder of my posts this year to pieces envisioning a healthier society.

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