Cubeduel: Promoting rank-and-file cannibalism

I thought this was a ruse when I first read about it courtesy of a CiviliNation post on Facebook, but Cubeduel (link here), a new online game/service/whatever that allows people to evaluate their co-workers anonymously, is for real.

How it works

Working through accounts, Cubeduel sets up gladiatorial, tournament style contests in which employees are pitted against each other to earn the highest rankings from their co-workers. Here’s more from Cubeduel:

Cubeduel is a fun way to rank your coworkers. Who would you rather work with? Cubeduel uses your LinkedIn® work history to figure out who you worked with. Your current and former coworkers compete in head to head duels. Click a coworker to vote in each duel. …Your votes are completely, utterly private and will never be shared with anybody. Ever.
Cubeduel is a perverse turn on the old labor movement chestnut about hanging together or hanging separately. Instead, Cubeduel is encouraging workers to hang each other, a sort of rank-and-file cannibalism backed by the cloak of anonymity.

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