The Workplace Bill of Rights by Workplace Fairness

Workplace Fairness is a non-profit organization dedicated to education and advocacy about employee rights. I’ve been meaning to share their Workplace Bill of Rights (link here), a comprehensive statement of basic rights and protections that all workers should enjoy:

1. Employees should be treated with honesty and respect.

2. Working full-time should guarantee a basic standard of living.

3. Workplaces should be free of discrimination.

4. No working person should be without health insurance.

5. No one should have to work his or her entire life.

6. Employees should be able to leave a job with dignity.

7. Every workplace should be as safe as possible.

8. There is more to life than work.

9. Employees are entitled to work together.

Covers workplace bullying

On the Workplace Fairness website, each core right is accompanied by a full explanation. No. 1 — the right to be treated “with honesty and respect” — states that “workplaces should be free of verbal abuse, threats, sabotage, and bullying of any kind.” Bravo!

One response

  1. Please refer to my blog.
    With the wave of change in the middle east, and with the voice of the unions…when does the american worker stop complaining and start fighing for their rights. I want to start talking with people who want change. And this is the change that we have to stand on. The common law – Right to work – protects the federal worker and the union, but not the common man. We have a voice, we need to start demanding the companies are civil to our workers or we will expose them. And then give the customer the opportunity to choose if they even want to do business with them. Poison in – poison out. We need to start demanding
    that the EEOC protects ALL employees from harrassment. Companies will respond if the american worker unites instead of complains. If you believe this equation Healthy workers + Healthy mangers = Healthy Profits. Contact me I am tired of just talking and now it is time to start demanding our civil rights.

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