Recycling: Beware of concentrated power, economic sociopaths, and shattered assumptions

From the archives of this blog, here are three posts of possible interest:

1. Why concentrated power at work is bad (Nov. 2009) — Power does indeed corrupt, and the workplace is no exception. A brief look at what power does to our heads, literally.

2. Defining the Economic Sociopath (Nov. 2009) — Just who are these people plotting schemes to fatten their wallets and leave everyone else struggling? Some 18 months after I wrote this post, not all that much has changed.

3. Why severe workplace bullying can be so traumatic (July 2009) — Bullying at work shatters our assumptions about a just and decent world. Applying insights from a book by psychology professor Ronnie Janoff-Bulman.

[Editor’s Note: In addition to maintaining a list of articles that have remained very popular on this blog — see the Popular and Notable Posts page — every month or so I’m recycling relevant posts from more than a year ago. Hopefully they will be of interest to newer readers.]

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