Bay Staters, join us on June 15 to support the Healthy Workplace Bill

Massachusetts supporters of the Healthy Workplace Bill, please join us on Wednesday, June 15 at the Massachusetts State House in Boston for a Lobby Day, along with members of the National Association of Government Employees executive boards.

We will visit offices of our state legislators, asking them to support legislation that will protect all workers from severe workplace bullying. More information to follow soon!

Please go to the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates website for more information about the HWB and how to support it.

Update: House AND Senate bills and a growing list of co-sponsors

Also, from the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates website, here’s an update on our current progress:

This legislative session, the bill was filed by Representative Ellen Story (D-Amherst) and Senator Katherine Clark (D-Melrose) and designated as House Bill Number 2310 and Senate Bill Number 916.

Co-sponsors include:
Denise Andrews (D-Orange)
Nick Collins (D-Boston)
Gloria L. Fox (D-Roxbury)
Kevin G. Honan (D-Brighton)
Louis L. Kafka (D-Stoughton)
Kay Khan (D-Newton)
Peter V. Kocot (D-Northampton)
John W. Scibak (D-South Hadley)
Frank I. Smizik (D-Brookline)
Benjamin Swan (D-Springfield)
Alice K. Wolf (D-Cambridge)

Many thanks to these legislators for their leadership and support. We also thank now-retired Senator Joan Menard, who stepped up in the last legislative session to be the original sponsor of the HWB in Massachusetts.


Disclosure note: I am the author of the Healthy Workplace Bill, variations of which are being considered by state legislatures across the country. The HWB provides targets of severe workplace bullying with a legal claim for damages and creates legal incentives for employers to act preventively and responsively toward bullying behaviors. For more information, go to the Healthy Workplace Bill website.

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