Corrupt and greedy leadership cuts across private, public, and non-profit sectors

As a liberal, I’m more likely to look for evidence of corruption, ethical lapses, self-dealing, and greed in the private sector. You know, the big bad corporations and their executives.

Some of my conservative friends may be more likely to focus on similar excesses in the public and non-profit sectors. Yup, big bad government and those pesky non-profits.

Truth is, we need a big tent. The real problem is a deep crisis of integrity and leadership that cuts across the private, public, and non-profit work sectors and transcends professed political convictions and ideologies.

I confess, I don’t have comparative statistics to back up what I’m saying here. But the more I look at what has transpired over the past decade or so, the more I understand that excessive compensation and perks, conflicts of interest, endless varieties of corruption, and breaches of ethical standards do not discriminate between sectors of our economy and society.

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  1. I think this concept is true in healthcare. My father has recently moved into a nursing home and I recently told my mother that in my experience there are people that care everywhere. People that are compassionate and kind. And people that are not. I work in part time in a fairly corporate nursing home and see the corporate greed in many ways. I also see some of the most compassionate and hardest working people making the least amount of money and from all over the world. It is a privileged vantage point. I sometimes laugh at the absurdity of a profit driving administration trying to control everything and how some of the really amazing work we do is totally off their radar.

    I’m not sure of my point here other than to thank you for your posting, David and to feel affirmed in my own work that somehow is inspired by people who care and an awareness that I can help contribute to a society where there are more of them and they are healthier.


    • Beth, thank you, again, for your thoughtful comments. You are working at the hub of so many of these issues as someone with a focus on healthcare. Another imperfect storm…

  2. i agree i saw both ends and this has done way too much damage to our country,our work ethic
    i believe in good government ,fair taxation,better payat the bottom better financial watchdogs .
    A Christan run company means i take care of you you take care of mean health care,days off fair pay,fair retirement a bond or contract.we know we have to compete globaly but we need to adress global financial and labor standards.for 30 years it has been cut cut cut for little people no raises no job security and predetory debt be resonable

  3. The fact that this is coming to light is a positive step in the right direction. If enough employees stand up and say, Hey this is wrong; there is greater chance of tranformation.

  4. Moi, I certainly agree with you and therein lies the challenge. People overall are fearful to take a stand. Secondly, when one musters the courage to stand, these greedy, corrupt Corporations are so endowed with expansive purse strings, political ties and Judicial paid off puppets that often times send the courageous one into a twilight zone tail spin of trying to make you crazy or succeed, economically bankrupt you, blackball you from fair labor, threaten you, make you homeless etc… that the avg person will back off or give up if they have not committed suicide or homicide from the stress or been murdered to make it look like a suicide/accident. The employee has to say I am willing to give my life if and as necessary to effect this change. It is pathetically tragic what takes place, the lives that are destroyed, the people made homeless by these devils is appalling. Americans don’t know the half and trust me, don’t want to know as they could not stomach the stench of Corporate greed and corruption. Blindeyes, greased palms are everywhere. I have a truth that gets suppressed at all levels. You would not believe what these telecoms and others do in this inhumane faux civilized society. I am on the battlefield and I am alone, because they have more money, power, connections than I do. Jeff Feinberg ain’t no joke, purely wicked, but I refuse to give up, they are taking it all from me, but I am willing to lay down my life if it means exposing them. A pure domestic terrorism American tragedy.

  5. Dear Aunt Delta Dawn,
    Stay strong and stand up for what is right! You are NOT alone in this. Right is right and wrong is wrong. I lost my battle and am now unemployed… but I have hope that as more of this comes to light and their unjust practices are exposed – we will overcome this.

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