It’s “movie night” for WBI University: A short review of “Horrible Bosses”

Attendees of the latest WBI University — the intensive, small group, 3-day training and education seminar about workplace bullying led by Drs. Gary and Ruth Namie — took the night off to screen the opening of “Horrible Bosses,” the new comedy about three hapless guys who conspire to kill their bullying and harassing bosses.

“Horrible Bosses” stars Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis as the unhappy office workers, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, and Kevin Spacey as the horrible bosses, and Jamie Foxx as the would-be assassin.

I’d say this is our general consensus review: “Horrible Bosses” is funny, clever, and unexpectedly raunchy. It is not, however, a particularly brilliant or insightful send-up of workplace bullying and related behaviors.

Some of us in the workplace bullying movement had hoped that this movie — with its mega-publicity and star power — might serve as a humorous consciousness-raising vehicle. Alas, the movie is too over-the-top in a Hollywood, R-rated sense to serve that purpose.

Especially if you don’t mind crude language and overgrown fraternity house humor (okay, I found myself howling with laughter at times), you may find this movie a fun diversion. It won’t teach you a lot about the complex dynamics of workplace bullying, but it will make it easier to forget a lousy day at the office.

One response

  1. Sometimes it’s really good and helpful to be able to escape the oppression of the office even if the diversion doesn’t necessarily “further the cause.”

    I’m looking forward to laughing during the movie, but I appreciate your warning about the raunchiness (which I don’t believe furthers any cause — including humor).

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