Recycling: Midlife possibilities

From the archives of this blog, some ruminations on midlife possibilities:

1. Work and the middle-aged brain (May 2010) — Hitting middle age often brings with it complaints of increasing forgetfulness and absent-mindedness, but perhaps there’s hope for us middle-agers after all.

2. Will our avocations save us? (May 2010) — Our avocations may well be our saviors, personally in terms of enriching our lives, and publicly in terms of contributing to the greater community.

3.  Are You a Marathoner or a Sprinter?  (July 2009) — Are you a marathoner or a sprinter when it comes to life and career achievements?


A popular and more recent post related to this topic is Does life begin at 46? (December 2010).


Editor’s Note: In addition to maintaining a list of articles that have remained very popular on this blog — see the Popular and Notable Posts page — every month or so I’m recycling relevant posts from more than a year ago. Hopefully they will be of interest to newer readers.

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