Recycling: The 2008 meltdown seems like yesterday

From the archives of this blog, two posts examining the aftermath of the 2008 meltdown:

1. Are spending and giving moral obligations of being gainfully employed? (January 2009) — If you’re fortunate to have a decent job, hoarding all your money may not be the right thing to do.

2. Labor Day Wish: A Sound, Stable Economy (September 2009) — About boom-and-bust economic cycles, insights courtesy of John Kenneth Galbraith.


[Editor’s Note: In addition to maintaining a list of articles that have remained very popular on this blog — see the Popular and Notable Posts page — every month or so I’m recycling relevant posts from more than a year ago. Hopefully they will be of interest to newer readers.]

One response

  1. Just read your Galbraith piece and chuckled. What is it about these titans of industry that they can’t see what us peons can? I’m nobody in particular, certainly no financial colossus, and I could have told those cretins their actions would bring about a crash.

    Maybe a liberal arts education is more than it’s cracked up to be?

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