A global resource guide to laws related to workplace bullying and violence

Boston-based attorney Ellen Pinkos Cobb, a consultant for the Isoceles Group, has authored a very useful and thorough resource guide that summarizes laws related to workplace bullying and violence in nations around the world, Bullying, Violence, Harassment, Discrimination and Stress: Emerging Workplace Health and Safety Issues (2011).

It’s a 270+ page compilation and review of relevant laws from around the world, organized by region and country, with plenty of links and bibliographical lists. There are several affordable pricing options (marking a substantial reduction from the original price), with an e-book at $33 and a hard copy at $55. For more information and to order, go to this link.

Ellen also recently authored a fine overview piece highlighting the international significance of workplace bullying, Workplace bullying:: A global overview for Management-issues.com.

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  1. Thank you, David! This is an excellent resource for gaining understandings of the impact of and response to workplace abuse globally. While the elements of workplace abuse share commonalities regardless of geographical location, the cultural aspects of this phenomenon may provide significant insights.

    Take care.

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